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During your stay with us you will experience and join in a host of different activities and exercises......a brief description of the activities and benefits of the main ones are listed below.


Boxercise will involve all the aspects of boxing training without any of the pain as its completely NON CONTACT. You will be shown how to wrap your hands like a professional with the hand wraps that you will also be allowed to keep at the end of your stay as a souvenir.

You will be shown how to punch correctly as well as move and complete simple boxing drills. Shadow boxing hitting the pads and skipping are all part of the training a boxer does to stay in shape and drop weight. As well as toning your body up, the advantages will be apparent to you almost immediately with increased fitness to name but one. But it’s fun, challenging, very enjoyable, and above all safe. Enjoy!!!!


Core Ball ClassCore Ball Class

Also known as stability balls or fit balls. This class is a brilliant and fun way to strengthen not only your abdominal muscles but also your lower back as well as all the other core muscles around your body. These exercises are very effective with people who are prone to back pain.

You use more muscle fibres when using a core ball doing traditional exercises such as press ups due to the struggle to maintain the stability of the ball FACT!!


Circuit Classes

Circuit ClassesUsing very light weights but incorporating high repetitions this class will activate and wake up every muscle in your body! It’s a lung busting, fat burning, muscle screaming, high intensity workout.

This type of workout is used by almost every gym, health centre and fitness professional across the globe, not to mention every military organisation! A great overall conditioning tool for fitness and weight loss.





HikingThis might sound a simple exercise “going on a leisurely stroll” I hear you say! But hey not so fast, don’t forget we are in Spain. A country that has 300 dry days and the temp in winter far exceeds most other countries. So that leisurely stroll up hills, trails then to the mountains with the temperature as it is and a trail that has been hand-picked to work out every muscle can suddenly become another great workout. With not only your cardio levels going through the roof but your stress levels will come down as hiking exercises mind awareness as well as the body. One thing is for sure, you’ll sleep well that night.

Those are a few of the activities that you will be doing......but throw in a bit of cycling, aerobics, karate-cise, and trim trails, as well as a few bleep tests......then you will have more than enough to do.

But remember, we devise your complete weeks workout program well before you arrive with the aid of the questionnaire that we will have sent you! So if anything’s out of your reach then we will know, and it simply won’t be on your schedule .

Remember that your week is tailor made for YOU and your small group.

Also not to be forgotten is the day’s beach workout on a sandy spacious beach, beautiful crisp blue sea with a golden honey sand, with a nearby beach hut supplying all the refreshments as needed, before your return to camp (This will not be possible in high season due to the sheer volume of holiday makers at this time).

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