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Along with wife Debbie he is the co owner of Bootcamp spain
with over 25 years in the fitness industry and having trained people in almost every scenario from professional athletes to the heavily obese desperately trying to lose weight he has it all covered as far as weight loss and fitness goes. As well as a fitness professional who’s worked with children as well as the old and disabled he is also a fully qualified professional boxing coach with the British boxing board of control so from circuits to personal training from weight loss to bulking everything is covered for you here at Bootcamp Spain

Antonio - Spinning Instructor

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Antonio from Spain is a professional rider competing in some discipline almost weekly and what better spinning instructor to have and along with being a qualified fitness instructor for over 10 years he's a great asset to Bootcampspain 


Along with Bill she is the Co owner of Bootcampspain
Deb is a Black belt in Karate as well as a fully qualified boxing coach ,she has been in and around fitness for over 20 years teaching children as well as personal coaching with adults,it doesn’t stop there though because as well as being a nutritionalist she was also a chef in London for many years and as such the expertise that she crafted in these top class establishments such as The Brompton Brassiere,Cagneys and The Chelsea Kitchen to name a few she brings along to the bootcamp for you to enjoy



Ovie entered the boxing/ kickboxing world in the early 90's. After fighting, his career soon changed and he went onto the teaching side of it, becoming a qualified Boxing coach.
He left the UK and moved to Spain in the year 2000 where he subsequently went on to qualify as a personal trainer.



Michele is a fitness instructor with 30 years’ experience, she specializes in rehabilitation working with people who have had operations, heart attacks and strokes, she also takes classes in core strengthening and step aerobics and is a great asset to our team.

Paul Ross


Owner of Paul Ross Fitness, highly qualified
Attaining the Level of Master Personal trainer
An integral part of bootcamp Spain’s Fitness team

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Boot Camp Spain
Terms and Conditions

1) Bootcamp Spain consider adequate and appropriate travel/holiday insurance to be essential.This not only protects and covers you against any travel arrangements that are cancelled but also against any unforeseen circumstances such as any holiday company going bust. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs and holiday you are participating in. Always have your policy with you when you travel in Spain.

2) Your deposit unless specified differently will be to the sum of £300 with the balance of the course due 6 weeks before the participation of camp.(unless previously agreed by e-mail)

3) Cancellation fees are as follows


6-weeks 50% refund
5-weeks 40% refund
4-weeks 30% refund
3, 2 & 1 week no refund due

Deposit is non refundable!

All refunds will be paid by bank transfer within 30 days.

4) It is possible to transfer the dates of your course as long as the request is by e-mail and confirmed by Boot Camp Spain.

5) Any client who fails to attend the course will forfeit the cost of the course.

6) We reserve the right to cancel a Boot Camp ,if for any reason this has happened due to acts of god or other, we will offer a full refund or transfer your selves on the next available course with appropriate compensation.

7) If for any reason due to illness injury or personal matters you have to cut short your stay at Boot Camp Spain we will allow you to recommence your camp at a later stage.

8) Your booking will only be confirmed on receipt of your deposit.

9) The cost of your course will include all food and drink, accommodation training, planning and organising of said activities as well as transfers from the airport to and from the camp. Free Transfers are from Alicante and Almeria only. Any other transfers from other airports will be charged

10) The cost of your boot camp can be paid via PayPal who also accept all major credit cards and debit cards (a PayPal account is not necessary).

11) Any failure to disclose any medical condition will result in termination of boot camp.

12) Any problems or complaints must first be taken up with the instructor, if this does not resolve the problem then please send an e-mail with the exact grievance along with your reference number and the date you attended the camp within 28 days.

13) if any alcohol/food is consumed during an excursion or brought into the villa and consumed and is not authorised by bootcamp spain your camp will cease immediately.

14) Bootcamp Spain’s costs are kept low because we advertise on social media platforms and we expect you to help with this on your own social media. However we realize people in certain jobs or celebrity status may not want this.
If you do not wish to be on social media or help with any of the advertising please notify us straight away as we only limit this to a percentage of the camp. Oviously if we couldn’t post anything we couldn’t forward the progress of campers, and prices would have to increase to take in to account of the lack of awareness of Bootcamp Spain.

15) If you fail to attend your bootcamp date and miss the transfer without any prior notice you will be deemed to not be attending and will forfeit your camp.


17) When you receive your welcome email you will be given the date that the balance of your bootcamp must be paid by. Failure to do this may result in your camp being terminated and resold.

Do not under any circumstances bring your own set of scales as this is counter productive to the journey you will be on

If you decide to leave the bootcamp BEFORE the date you are booked in for YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR THE TRANSFER COST TO THE AIRPORT!

If you fail to attend your bootcamp date and miss the transfer without any prior notice you will be deemed to not be attending and will forfeit your camp

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• Sun cream/sunblock
• Hat /cap
• Trainers or sports shoes that have been worn in
• Boots for hiking again make sure these are worn in
• t-shirts and loose tops
• comfortable lounging clothes to relax in after your days exercise
• shorts and your usual gym clothing
• swimming costume (not essential if you have no wish to enter pool)
• Any allergy medication like anti histamines
• Toiletries
• Sandals or flip flops
• Water bottles
• Paracetamol/painkillers
• Small towels
• If possible a small rucksack to carry items when you are hiking
• Also ANY medication you may be taking

Point of note: Its hot during the day but sometimes quite cool in the evening

Laundry/washing service is available at a small fee of 5€ Per load.

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