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Your Safety Comes First

Here at BootCamp Spain we understand that during these uncertain times you may have a number of questions which relate to the safety of yourself travelling to Spain, but also the safety precautions which are being taken whilst you are in Spain. We would like to outline a few things which we hope will provide you with the reassurance you are looking for and that you will be in safe hands during your stay.

Before we go any further, we would ask that anyone who is looking to join us ensures they have no symptoms of coronavirus before setting off on their journey. We recommend that you follow the government guidance for your country which highlights symptoms to look out for that may need monitoring or medical assistance.

Firstly, we would recommend that if you are flying in to Spain that your airport choice will be Alicante Airport (ALC), this is due to the first hand experience we have had and also the experience of the campers who have joined us throughout 2020. We would like to share with you that our experience in this airport was nicely controlled in terms of minimum contact with others and when reaching the airport each passenger will have their temperature checked when walking through one of the terminals. In most areas of the airport when arriving many nurses and doctors are on hand to escort anyone who requires medical assistance or showing any symptoms of coronavirus (this alone was something great to see first-hand).

For anyone who has not been inside an airport since the pandemic, we can confirm that a requirement is now that every individual wears a mask at all times with most flight asking this to be warn throughout the flight to (please ensure you check this with the company you have made the flight booking with). You will also find that throughout all airports that you will have many areas which you can access ‘free’ hand sanitizer & all UK airports will require details when entering bars, restaurants, etc as this will be something used for UK’s Track and Trace.

Once you have left the airport and are approaching our transfer service a mask will also be warn at all times when inside the airport and also inside the vehicle until it has exited the airport.

You will soon then arrive at our stunning location here in Almeria, Spain and be greeted by the lovely team and campers. On site once you have arrived, we will also check your temperature which will be monitored throughout your stay with us.

Here at BootCamp Spain we have an arrangement with our local medical centre who provides us with Covid-19 tests upon our request for anyone we believe to be showing any symptoms throughout their stay. These tests are immediately collected and returned back to the medical centre with a result delivered within 48 hours. If ever we found ourselves in this position, we have areas of the premises which will become isolation areas for those who may require quarantine, with all camper’s safety becoming the main priority.

Throughout the premises (including your chosen room) you will find all locations have large supplies of hand sanitizers (70+% alcohol based), gloves & face masks, available to be taken as of when you may require them.

BootCamp Spain take the safety of others very seriously and assure you that the only time we require anyone to leave the site, would be for a trip to the gym which we use off the premises a few occasions throughout the week. The sessions we take in the gym off site are mostly out of the normal gym opening hours where BootCamp Spain will be the only ones who are inside the building taking the classes. Not to mention the owners take their own precautions and ensure all equipment is cleaned after every use. Inside the gym which is off site to BootCamp Spain, they have a new Anti-Particle Ventilation System which completely renews the air inside the premises every 15 mins.

Why this is so important? ‘By simply bringing in the more-fresh outside air inside a building, this air dilutes any contaminant in a building, whether a virus or something else, reduces the exposure of anyone inside’.

With all these precautions in place we would like to point out that unlike other fitness camps or retreats, we run at a much smaller volume of people (providing a more personal approach when it comes to your training) but, most importantly reducing the risk with limiting the number of people you come in contact with whilst visiting Spain.

We understand you may have some questions of your own, so here is a few FAQ’s relating to travelling & Covid-19.

- Is it safe for me to travel during a pandemic? As we all are aware a global coronavirus pandemic is on going and no travel is risk free, with disruptions still possible. But if your planning to travel, ensure you read the coronavirus travel guidance to make sure you are prepared for travelling outside of your country. BootCamp Spain are here to ensure you have the safest possible journey and stay with us and will be here for any questions on local advice or direction when it comes to making the arrangements and also preparing you for your journey over.

- Is Spain a safe place to visit? Spain is now a safe destination thanks to its strict measures to control the worldwide healthcare crisis. There are also many precautions in place to ensure everybody’s safety, including tracking infections, early detection of possible outbreaks, and containing localised cases.

- What happens if another camper starts to get symptoms of Covid-19? With daily monitoring this will be something which will be first noticed by the BootCamp Spain staff and action will be taken quickly to ensure the camper who may be displaying symptoms will be removed from the group and put into full isolation until we receive the results from the coronavirus test.

- What if Spain goes in to lockdown whilst I am in camp? The Spanish government provide us with a few days’ notice before any travel restrictions get implemented. This will allow us time to help you plan your return journey, if this was ever the case.

- Do I need to fill out anything relating to my previous medical history before entering Spain? 48 hours prior to entering Spain you will need to provide the Spanish Ministry of Health with contact information and any history of exposure to Covid-19. This is done on the ‘Spain Travel Health’ website or by downloading the app. We understand this is mandatory for all passengers travelling to the country and will require you to sign the online form associated with your trip. On completion, you will be issued with a personal and non-transferable QR code which will need to be shown (either electronically or hard copy) at the airport upon arrival.

- Have you had any cases of Covid-19 during 2020 in Camp? We are pleased to inform you that we have been running BootCamp Spain throughout the pandemic including Spain’s lockdown. We can also confirm that we have not had any cases of Covid-19 within our camps & continue to run with safety of our campers being the main priority throughout these times.

Please visit our Testimonials and see first-hand from our worldwide campers what their experiences have been like in camp during this worldwide health crisis. You will not only see some great results but also have a little insight on what you can expect when you start your own journey with us.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have relating to travelling and Covid-19.

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