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Boot Camp Spain

Boot Camp Spain


You will do between 4-6 hours of supervised training daily.

We have 5 instructors and activities include the following: 

- interval/circuit training 
- boxercise
- spinning
- yoga
- boxing (non contact)
- stretching and mobility training 
- cross fit
- hill sprints 
- walks and mountain hikes
- cardio tennis
- beach workouts 
- assault course 
- kettle bell classes 
- weight training
Everything is geared to push you to your limit and lose as much weight as possible in a healthy and sustainable manner.

In terms of facilities we have our own complex isolated in the hills which has 9 bedrooms. 
All rooms are equivalent to small or medium size doubles in 3 star accommodation and all have air con and TV.
Wifi is available in all rooms and communal areas and we run 2x 20MB networks.
On site facilities include:
- indoor swimming pool
- tennis court
- squash court
- indoor air conditioned gym
- jacuzzi
- treatment room
- games room
- outdoor training area with boxing bags, battle ropes, tyres etc


Please see below more information on the nutrition as well as photos of food plus a couple of the camp.

Also, it's a good idea to look at our social media feeds on instagram and facebook which are updated almost daily with real footage from ongoing camps:



Our Nutritional Approach:

Diet is adjusted to the campers and their goals. Calorie count varies daily according to activity load.

3 main meals are served with optional snacks of fruit and vegetable left out for campers.

One thing that’s important is that you will not go hungry. In fact the tendency is for clients to not finish their meals the longer they are at camp.

The goal is to get you into the mindset of eat to live not live to eat that you can take home and follow.

Meals are diverse with almost no repetition.

Total Calories:

On average between 1500-1800 calories daily

* Low carb, high protein. Make macros work but not be governed by them. It’s not Atkins or keto, it’s a diet that makes carbs your friend and not your enemy.

* We don’t believe in calorie counting. We believe that by making the right food choices you will naturally eat what’s necessary to fuel your day.


Calorie density versus restriction:

Simply put, calorie density is the number of calories in a given volume of food. Certain foods have more calories packed into them – pound for pound – than others. That means each food has its own caloric density. Fresh tomatoes, for example, have just 90 calories per pound. Bagels are packed with more than 1,200 calories per pound. With each bite of bagel, you’re taking in 13 times as many calories as each bite of tomato. Another easy way to think about calorie density is the “concentration” of calories in a food. Bagels are more “concentrated” in calories than tomatoes.

We choose foods that are LOW in calorie density. Usually, low-calorie-dense foods are high in WATER and FIBER. These foods are very filling, but don’t ratchet up a bunch of waistline-busting calories. Examples include vegetables, fruits, cooked whole grains, oatmeal, cooked beans and legumes, nonfat dairy and soy products, and lean animal proteins.

* Protein high

* Carb timing is important and tied into your exercise time.

* We fuel you to exercise optimally but still run a calorie deficit (mainly through exercise) to get rapid but sustainable weight loss

* Whole food, organic, non processed.

* Use our own olive oil, fruits and nuts grown in our own orchards.

* Cater to most dietary requirements but we do expect clients to come with an open mind to trying new things.

* All natural

* Meals are normal size and you will not feel hungry. We do not believe that losing weight should come through severe calorie restriction.

Whilst in camp its optimized to gain the maximum benefits but is a retainable, achievable long term diet plan that many of our campers follow on.

A lot of spices, oils, legumes, herbs and a very wide variety of fruits and vegetables to provide a full vitamin and mineral profile.

The majority of meals will contain a lean Fish/animal/vegetable/ source of protein.


Last meal is at 5 o’clock.We effectively run a 13-11 intermittent fasting diet

Here at BootCamp Spain we understand that during these uncertain times you may have a number of questions which relate to the safety of yourself travelling to Spain, but also the safety precautions which are being taken whilst you are in Spain. We would like to outline a few things which we hope will provide you with the reassurance you are looking for and that you will be in safe hands during your stay.

Before we go any further, we would ask that anyone who is looking to join us ensures they have no symptoms of coronavirus before setting off on their journey. We recommend that you follow the government guidance for your country which highlights symptoms to look out for that may need monitoring or medical assistance.

Firstly, we would recommend that if you are flying in to Spain that your airport choice will be Alicante Airport (ALC), this is due to the first hand experience we have had and also the experience of the campers who have joined us throughout 2020. We would like to share with you that our experience in this airport was nicely controlled in terms of minimum contact with others and when reaching the airport each passenger will have their temperature checked when walking through one of the terminals. In most areas of the airport when arriving many nurses and doctors are on hand to escort anyone who requires medical assistance or showing any symptoms of coronavirus (this alone was something great to see first-hand).

For anyone who has not been inside an airport since the pandemic, we can confirm that a requirement is now that every individual wears a mask at all times with most flight asking this to be warn throughout the flight to (please ensure you check this with the company you have made the flight booking with). You will also find that throughout all airports that you will have many areas which you can access ‘free’ hand sanitizer & all UK airports will require details when entering bars, restaurants, etc as this will be something used for UK’s Track and Trace.

Once you have left the airport and are approaching our transfer service a mask will also be warn at all times when inside the airport and also inside the vehicle until it has exited the airport.

You will soon then arrive at our stunning location here in Almeria, Spain and be greeted by the lovely team and campers. On site once you have arrived, we will also check your temperature which will be monitored throughout your stay with us.

Here at BootCamp Spain we have an arrangement with our local medical centre who provides us with Covid-19 tests upon our request for anyone we believe to be showing any symptoms throughout their stay. These tests are immediately collected and returned back to the medical centre with a result delivered within 48 hours. If ever we found ourselves in this position, we have areas of the premises which will become isolation areas for those who may require quarantine, with all camper’s safety becoming the main priority.

Throughout the premises (including your chosen room) you will find all locations have large supplies of hand sanitizers (70+% alcohol based), gloves & face masks, available to be taken as of when you may require them.

BootCamp Spain take the safety of others very seriously and assure you that the only time we require anyone to leave the site, would be for a trip to the gym which we use off the premises a few occasions throughout the week. The sessions we take in the gym off site are mostly out of the normal gym opening hours where BootCamp Spain will be the only ones who are inside the building taking the classes. Not to mention the owners take their own precautions and ensure all equipment is cleaned after every use. Inside the gym which is off site to BootCamp Spain, they have a new Anti-Particle Ventilation System which completely renews the air inside the premises every 15 mins.

Why this is so important? ‘By simply bringing in the more-fresh outside air inside a building, this air dilutes any contaminant in a building, whether a virus or something else, reduces the exposure of anyone inside’.

With all these precautions in place we would like to point out that unlike other fitness camps or retreats, we run at a much smaller volume of people (providing a more personal approach when it comes to your training) but, most importantly reducing the risk with limiting the number of people you come in contact with whilst visiting Spain.

We understand you may have some questions of your own, so here is a few FAQ’s relating to travelling & Covid-19.

- Is it safe for me to travel during a pandemic? As we all are aware a global coronavirus pandemic is on going and no travel is risk free, with disruptions still possible. But if your planning to travel, ensure you read the coronavirus travel guidance to make sure you are prepared for travelling outside of your country. BootCamp Spain are here to ensure you have the safest possible journey and stay with us and will be here for any questions on local advice or direction when it comes to making the arrangements and also preparing you for your journey over.

- Is Spain a safe place to visit? Spain is now a safe destination thanks to its strict measures to control the worldwide healthcare crisis. There are also many precautions in place to ensure everybody’s safety, including tracking infections, early detection of possible outbreaks, and containing localised cases.

- What happens if another camper starts to get symptoms of Covid-19? With daily monitoring this will be something which will be first noticed by the BootCamp Spain staff and action will be taken quickly to ensure the camper who may be displaying symptoms will be removed from the group and put into full isolation until we receive the results from the coronavirus test.

- What if Spain goes in to lockdown whilst I am in camp? The Spanish government provide us with a few days’ notice before any travel restrictions get implemented. This will allow us time to help you plan your return journey, if this was ever the case.

- Do I need to fill out anything relating to my previous medical history before entering Spain? 48 hours prior to entering Spain you will need to provide the Spanish Ministry of Health with contact information and any history of exposure to Covid-19. This is done on the ‘Spain Travel Health’ website or by downloading the app. We understand this is mandatory for all passengers travelling to the country and will require you to sign the online form associated with your trip. On completion, you will be issued with a personal and non-transferable QR code which will need to be shown (either electronically or hard copy) at the airport upon arrival.

- Have you had any cases of Covid-19 during 2020 in Camp? We are pleased to inform you that we have been running BootCamp Spain throughout the pandemic including Spain’s lockdown. We can also confirm that we have not had any cases of Covid-19 within our camps & continue to run with safety of our campers being the main priority throughout these times.

Please visit our Testimonials and see first-hand from our worldwide campers what their experiences have been like in camp during this worldwide health crisis. You will not only see some great results but also have a little insight on what you can expect when you start your own journey with us.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have relating to travelling and Covid-19.

21-day camps


Jan 31st - Feb 20th
Feb 28th - March 20th
March 28th - April 17th
April 25th - May 15th

14-day camps


Jan 31st
Feb 7th & 28th
March 7th & 28th
April 4th & 25th
May 2nd

7-day camps


Jan 16th & 31st
Feb 7th, 13th & 28th
March 7th & 13th
April 4th, 10th & 25th
May 2nd & 8th

7-day camps and long weekends are available within these dates




Visit Boot Camp Spain in the Almeria province of Andalucia, where you will have an enjoyable stay at our base camp which is an absolutely luxurious 8 bedroom mansion with 6 on suite and 4 other separate bathrooms with a court yard of 5000 square meters backing on to 2 fruit orchards which encompasses the villa itself and beautiful views over the mountains of Andalucia.

We have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years and in that time have helped both men, women and in some cases children achieve their weight and fitness goals. In some cases losing massive amounts of weight, and in others increasing their fitness levels to places they never thought they would get.


During your stay with us you will experience and join in a host of different activities and exercises......a brief description of the activities and benefits of the main ones are listed below.


Boxercise will involve all the aspects of boxing training without any of the pain as its completely NON CONTACT. You will be shown how to wrap your hands like a professional with the hand wraps that you will also be allowed to keep at the end of your stay as a souvenir.

You will be shown how to punch correctly as well as move and complete simple boxing drills. Shadow boxing hitting the pads and skipping are all part of the training a boxer does to stay in shape and drop weight. As well as toning your body up, the advantages will be apparent to you almost immediately with increased fitness to name but one. But it’s fun, challenging, very enjoyable, and above all safe. Enjoy!!!!


Core Ball ClassCore Ball Class

Also known as stability balls or fit balls. This class is a brilliant and fun way to strengthen not only your abdominal muscles but also your lower back as well as all the other core muscles around your body. These exercises are very effective with people who are prone to back pain.

You use more muscle fibres when using a core ball doing traditional exercises such as press ups due to the struggle to maintain the stability of the ball FACT!!


Circuit Classes

Circuit ClassesUsing very light weights but incorporating high repetitions this class will activate and wake up every muscle in your body! It’s a lung busting, fat burning, muscle screaming, high intensity workout.

This type of workout is used by almost every gym, health centre and fitness professional across the globe, not to mention every military organisation! A great overall conditioning tool for fitness and weight loss.





HikingThis might sound a simple exercise “going on a leisurely stroll” I hear you say! But hey not so fast, don’t forget we are in Spain. A country that has 300 dry days and the temp in winter far exceeds most other countries. So that leisurely stroll up hills, trails then to the mountains with the temperature as it is and a trail that has been hand-picked to work out every muscle can suddenly become another great workout. With not only your cardio levels going through the roof but your stress levels will come down as hiking exercises mind awareness as well as the body. One thing is for sure, you’ll sleep well that night.

Those are a few of the activities that you will be doing......but throw in a bit of cycling, aerobics, karate-cise, and trim trails, as well as a few bleep tests......then you will have more than enough to do.

But remember, we devise your complete weeks workout program well before you arrive with the aid of the questionnaire that we will have sent you! So if anything’s out of your reach then we will know, and it simply won’t be on your schedule .

Remember that your week is tailor made for YOU and your small group.

Also not to be forgotten is the day’s beach workout on a sandy spacious beach, beautiful crisp blue sea with a golden honey sand, with a nearby beach hut supplying all the refreshments as needed, before your return to camp (This will not be possible in high season due to the sheer volume of holiday makers at this time).



Along with wife Debbie he is the co owner of Bootcamp spain
with over 25 years in the fitness industry and having trained people in almost every scenario from professional athletes to the heavily obese desperately trying to lose weight he has it all covered as far as weight loss and fitness goes. As well as a fitness professional who’s worked with children as well as the old and disabled he is also a fully qualified professional boxing coach with the British boxing board of control so from circuits to personal training from weight loss to bulking everything is covered for you here at Bootcamp Spain

Antonio - Spinning Instructor

IMG 20230104 WA0000

Antonio from Spain is a professional rider competing in some discipline almost weekly and what better spinning instructor to have and along with being a qualified fitness instructor for over 10 years he's a great asset to Bootcampspain 


Along with Bill she is the Co owner of Bootcampspain
Deb is a Black belt in Karate as well as a fully qualified boxing coach ,she has been in and around fitness for over 20 years teaching children as well as personal coaching with adults,it doesn’t stop there though because as well as being a nutritionalist she was also a chef in London for many years and as such the expertise that she crafted in these top class establishments such as The Brompton Brassiere,Cagneys and The Chelsea Kitchen to name a few she brings along to the bootcamp for you to enjoy



Ovie entered the boxing/ kickboxing world in the early 90's. After fighting, his career soon changed and he went onto the teaching side of it, becoming a qualified Boxing coach.
He left the UK and moved to Spain in the year 2000 where he subsequently went on to qualify as a personal trainer.



Michele is a fitness instructor with 30 years’ experience, she specializes in rehabilitation working with people who have had operations, heart attacks and strokes, she also takes classes in core strengthening and step aerobics and is a great asset to our team.

Paul Ross


Owner of Paul Ross Fitness, highly qualified
Attaining the Level of Master Personal trainer
An integral part of bootcamp Spain’s Fitness team

The Gym

We are proud to be associated with the Sophia Wellness Centre in the hills of Arboleas, Almeria! It is here that a large part of your time will be spent. The gym is a fully equipped gymnasium with free weights as well as pulley machines, running machines, rowing machines and much much more.

The GymWe are proud to be associated with the Sophia Wellness Centre in the hills of Arboleas, Almeria! It is here that a large part of your time will be spent. The gym is a fully equipped gymnasium with free weights as well as pulley machines, running machines, rowing machines and much much more.

Incorporating a hairdresser, beauty centre, rehabilitation centre, and full size dojo for the martial arts enthusiasts,  we couldn’t have picked a better place for your Boot Camp Training Holiday in Spain.

Also available are the range of therapies, and if you wish you can book them at the facility.

About Us

Boot Camp Spain is set within a beautiful mountain landscape located in the Almeria province of Andalucia.

This beautiful 8 double bedroom villa comes in 3 parts:
Our main house which hosts 1 double en-suite with two additional doubles bedrooms which have a shared bathroom. In the main house we also have our communal living space which comes with multiple seating areas, Fireplace, TV/Full UK TV package, dining area and most importantly the kitchen area (where portion sizes and nutrition are taken care of).

Then we have our sports centre. This hosts 3 double en-suite bedrooms all with picturesque views from every room which you can enjoy in your down time. The sports centre also provides access to our gym, massage room, heated indoor pool (20x10) & jacuzzi area, along with additional shower rooms, laundry room, squash court and games room (fitted with pool table, table tennis table & darts board).

Finally, we have our cottage, this is one of our most stunning little spaces which we always recommend to groups of 2 or more that are booking together. The cottage hosts 2 double bedrooms with a shared bathroom, completed with its own communal living space and a mezzanine floor that has an additional 4 single beds (sold as our budget BootCamp).

Surrounding the 3 areas of Boot Camp Spain are a gated 5000 square metres of land backing on to 2 fruit orchards and our tennis court/basketball court. We have recently added some additional training areas inside the tennis/basketball court which now holds our outside boxing area, complete with multiple boxing bags.

You will find throughout the gated property in all areas we have free Wi-Fi access and multiple seating areas for those who like to have a relaxing read in the evening or to catch up on some work whilst you’re at Boot Camp Spain.

Boot Camp Spain are a small team of professionals in the fitness industry, ranging from master fitness instructor (level 4), professional boxing coach, a black belt karate coach & a core ball coach. We also have a masseuse and on hand we have are our private doctors & Osteopath.(at an extra Cost)

Boot Camp Spain is not a military fitness camp although there are certain similar aspects to it. We have one aim and that is to help and guide you to achieve your personal goal. We specialise in a more personal training environment and rarely have more than 8 people in training camp at any one time, with the only exception to this rule being if we are specifically asked for more spaces to accommodate a large group.
By keeping the groups small we are able to concentrate more fully on your fitness and goals which tend to get somewhat lost due to the size of some other boot camps.

Boot Camp Spain owners Bill & Debbie have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years and in that time have helped both men, women and in some cases children achieve their weight and fitness goals. In some case’s losing massive amounts of weight, and in others increasing their fitness levels to places they never thought they would get.
Having trained a huge variety of people from British Olympic athletes and professional boxers to karate champions and MMA fighters and also a veteran 60+ man undertaking his ultimate dream of being fit enough to run a marathon, as well as a 10-year-old boy preparing for his first Amateur boxing match, we have the experience and dedication to help YOU achieve your goals. Whether that is primarily weight loss or an increase in fitness, or a bit of both.

Throughout your time at Boot Camp Spain we will go through nutrition and also spend a little time going through eating plans for when you return home.
We always recommend following us on all of our social media platforms as this is a great way for us to see your progress when you return home. This also makes it much easier for you, if you needed some advice (with us only being a quick message away). We tend to see that some of our clients like to send us their progress and pop over some questions when they need some help with nutrition, foods/meal plans or exercise regimes.

What we want from you!
We know that for some people this is a massive step to be even thinking about attending a bootcamp, so well done on making the first step towards a new, healthier version of you!
Whilst you are here, we need your full attention and trust to allow us to get out your full potential.
This is not an easy bootcamp or one you can opt in and out of. We need you to put your all in to this in order to get the best results. Lets face it, why would anyone want to pay for something and not get their monies worth!!!
Making a change is never easy but getting here is the hardest part.
Whilst you’re with us we expect you to be open to trying new foods and to handle being asked to do exercises you might though previously impossible

Do you have the ability to put your trust in someone else?
Do you have the determination?
Do you genuinely want to lose weight, get fit and completely push start your fitness regime with a Boot Camp in Spain?

If you’ve just answered yes, then don’t lose out on your preferred boot camp dates and reserve your space now!

(Remember 1,2 or 3 weeks out of the rest of your life is not a long time.... So, let’s make every moment count, give it your all whilst meeting great people and making life long memories).

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.


This course is designed for total all-over fitness and weight loss, with on average 5 to 8 hours of training a day.

 7 Day Boot Camp - £890

This course is designed for total all-over fitness and weight loss, with on average 4-7 hours of training a day, this course will be in a small group and will be designed and tailor made for yourselves incorporating a host of activities including core strength, high repetition exercises and endurance. As ever diet taken care of and this is the course that will give you the most benefit. with a weight loss on an average of between 7-10 pounds, although this will of course be entirely dependent on your existing body mass index.

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.

Long Weekend - £590

A little short of time? Can’t afford the time of taking a whole week off? Well this is the course for you!!we pack a big punch in a little shorter time than the 7-day camp but still include all of the training you’ll ever need, if you need to kick off your fitness with a boost, if you’ve said to yourself come on let’s do it!! Then get booking this course, it will set you up for the rest of your fitness regime. you’ll return to work invigorated and ready for anything, don’t wait do it now.

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.


The same training
The same lovely food
The same camp
The only difference being you will be sharing a room
4 single beds on a mezzanine floor
7 day camp £750
14 day camp £1290
21 day camp £1890
Bring a friend or partner and gain a further 10% on your stay

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.

Extreme Weight Loss for Very Overweight Clients - £POA

Do you feel so heavy and overweight that the thought of working out with anybody else that’s not in that same position makes you shy away from any sort of boot camp at all. Well don’t!!!! over the years I’ve heard the same thing over and over clients getting together and wanting a “fat Camp “as they called it. but never going because the thought of working out with anybody else put them off.

Well this is the camp for you just fill in the info form on the contact page and well get straight back to you.

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.

21 Day Body and Life Change Plan - £2290

This is by far the most popular course in boot camp Spain, this course has produced fantastic results and all clients that have fully applied themselves entirely to the course by way of exercise and following the diet provided have achieved results they never dreamed possible and certainly would not attain if left to their own devices, this course will hopefully see your fitness and weight loss goals exceeded in a way you would only dream, It isn’t easy ,it involves hard work ,dedication and a willingness to want to change!! you should feel frustrated, tired and exhausted but guess what ? you should also feel alive, lighter,fitter, stronger and by the time you leave us you should hopefully have a determination to carry on your journey and KNOW you will reach your final target of weight loss and increased fitness.

If you want to change your life!! If you want to lose weight !! if you want to increase your fitness and stop being tired !! MAKE THAT CHANGE !! MAKE IT TODAY!! Fill in the contact form now!!

This course is for the client that requires not only weight loss but also a complete change in their diet and lifestyle. This course is a complete 21-day life change plan, incorporating 6-8 hours of personal training a day, broken up to allow adequate recovery between workouts, all meals planned and supplied, we adopt a healthy clean eating program. All drinks supplied NO ALCOHOL !!! the different weeks will be broken up with various ½ day excursions, but even these are picked to involve some cardiovascular activity.

NOW this is the good bit, we have made this course very affordable.

This course is going to cost only £2290!! yes that’s right only £2290!! 

That’s transfers from the airport, 21 days of personal training in a small group, all food and drink, Accommodation, a complete track of weight and diet, All nutrition advice, after care service including continuing dietary advice and training schedules sent to you on your return and us with you and behind you every step of the way. If ever you had the chance to turn yourself around and make a change in your life that time is now!!! This offer is not going to be around too long.

If your serious about weight loss, if you’ve put off doing something about it, if you’ve been so depressed and generally run down thinking about your weight now’s your chance, just click the inquiry form for more details, and I am genuinely looking forward to hearing from you.

Be aware that we are only accepting a max of 7 clients on this course

All dates to be confirmed so send an inquiry via the contact and lets get started

Transfers are from Almeria and Alicante (before 12pm) Airports will be provided free of charge and will be via shuttle bus, however a chauffeur driven car can also be arranged to collect you if you choose with the driver to be paid by yourself on the day, Almeria will cost 100€ and Alicante 130€

* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.

14 Day Body and Life Change Plan - £1690

This course is as the 21-day plan but for people who just couldn’t take the amount of time required to complete the 21-day plan, so slightly condensed but still all the benefits of the larger course but at a slightly cheaper price.


* DISCLAIMER: Boot Camp Spain make no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Results may vary from person to person.

For the duration of ANY bootcamp you will be expected to reside in the villa and excursions out will only be by prior arrangement or emergencies.

if any alcohol/food is consumed during an excursion or brought into the villa and consumed and is not authorised by bootcamp spain your camp will cease immediately.

We cater for most dietary requirements including vegetarians and vegans but not fussy eaters.